View Full Version : Brownie Hall of Famer Goose Goslin and his Painted Bat

09-05-2006, 09:29 AM
I ran across this rare photo on eBay captioned "Leon Goslin, Star Slugger of the St. Louis Browns and his Famous Painted Bat" :


I was not aware of the incident, and found only two references to it on the Internet,. ......one of which is here:


"Some years later Goose Goslin appeared one day with a bat that had been painted with longitudinal black and white stripes. Goose did not even get past the umpire the umpire on his way to the plate before having his bat confiscated. It is not clear why the league objected to the Goose's decorated club. "



"Apr 13 At the opener in Chicago‚ the White Sox top the Browns‚ 9-2 behind Sad Sam Jones and 3 doubles by Casey Selph. In the 1st inning‚ the Browns Goose Goslin comes to bat with his war club having 12 white and black stripes painted horizontally on it. Umpire Harry Geisel finds the bat distracting-which was the point- and outlaws it. But Goose still collects 2 doubles and a single. "

In fact, the incident is not recounted in our own "This Day in Browns' History" for April 13:


Goose's career record is here:


I talked recently to Browns pitcher Rollie Stiles, who played two seasons with the Hall of Famer, and Rollie remembers the Original Goose (before Gossage) well.