Baseball Mystic

Baseball as seen through the eyes of a mystic.

  1. The Gauntlet

    The Gauntlet

    The box score forgotten,
    the fastest man on the bases,
    trying to stretch a double into a triple,
    the gauntlet thrown down,
    daring the strongest outfield arm
    in the game;

    The ball, almost lost in the
    deepest corner of right field;
    is bare handed, and in one motion,
    catapulted across the sky -
    third base, an explosion of sand
    and tangled stars;

    The speedster, caught ...
  2. Home

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  3. In Theory

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    In Theory

    The professor began his approach
    to the plate, nearing the speed of light,

    and time stood still...

    The pitcher and batter, their eyes
    locked in scrutiny, two statues,
    unblinking in the frozen glare
    of the sun;

    the last base hit, hovering over the
    third-base line, in suspension,
    neither fair nor foul.

    Neither a win ...

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  4. The Roar of Victory

    The Roar of Victory

    A row of premium seats,
    field level behind home plate,
    cordoned off.

    Sold out, standing room only,
    covetous eyes watering in

    A line of V.I.P.s finally arrive,
    ordinary, no apparent wealth
    or power -

    a homerun explodes, the stadium
    on its feet - cheering, whistling,
    high fives, slowly subsiding....

    The V.I.P.s remain standing, ...

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  5. Solar Flare

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