1. Dizzy Dean Blasts Babe Ruth

    by Harold Friend

    On February 26, 1935, Babe Ruth returned to Boston. Baseball's greatest player signed with the Braves, hoping to play for and eventually manage Boston's other team.

    The Release

    It was a dark, cold, rainy day when Yankees' owner Colonel Jacob Ruppert, Braves' owner Judge Emil Fuchs, and Babe Ruth met before a contingent of reporters at the Colonel's brewery. After exchanging formalities, Colonel Ruppert handed Babe a brief document. ...

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  2. John Sterling is Not Lou Gehrig

    Lou Gehrig is the ultimate role model. He possessed the qualities that most individuals strive to achieve to make themselves better people. Lou Gehrig was honest, a hard-worker, loyal, modest, respectful to others, and self-effacing. He shunned the spotlight, and others often overshadowed even his greatest baseball achievements.

    Lou Gehrig and the Yankees' Image

    The New York Yankees attempt to project Lou Gehrig as the team's image. In some ways, it is a valid comparison, ...