1. 30 years ago - the 1986 Mets

    There is a 30 for 30 on tonight, focusing on Doc and Straw
  2. Your Top Ten Teams 1901-2014

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    The 1991 Twins would destroy the 1927 Yankees. They would just walk Ruth and Gehrig every time, then Hrbek would push those guys off first Base and tag them out each time. That's the formula for a Twins 4 game sweep over the 1927 Yankees.
    Lol about as likely as the '27 Pirates thinking they had a shot
  3. Finally, "My 1200 Greatest Baseball Players of all-time" !!!

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    Just wait a gosh darn second here....

    So it's not required to be an amateur Ruth historian to come to the conclusion his ratings are outlandish? I thought that was the primary reason I felt that way. Was led to believe such a thing by the attention grabbing a-hole troll who came up with these rankings.

    This changes everything!

    Seriously...Fever exists to call bs like this out. We let this crap go, and it's no better than a Yahoo blog. Shame on Lioness