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  2. 1923 Yankee Stadium 3D Renderings

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    Current seat color Pantone 575C

    1923 seat color Pantone 5747C

    Some of the brilliance from
  3. 1923 Yankee Stadium 3D Renderings

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    1923 Yankee Stadium Grandstand Seat
    Olive Green surviving paint samples
    Pantone 5747C

    Matching the exact color for the seats in 1923 should be fairly easy considering so many of the seats exist in today's market. Numerous members who follow this thread have a old Yankee Stadium Grandstand seat or some remnant of a seat in their collection. Many of the surviving seats have the Original Olive Green paint exposed in numerous areas throughout the body of the seat.
  4. In Theory

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    In Theory

    The professor began his approach
    to the plate, nearing the speed of light,

    and time stood still...

    The pitcher and batter, their eyes
    locked in scrutiny, two statues,
    unblinking in the frozen glare
    of the sun;

    the last base hit, hovering over the
    third-base line, in suspension,
    neither fair nor foul.

    Neither a win ...

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  5. MLB & IOC Need to Think Outside the Box

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    MLB has various programs with the objective of globalizing baseball, from its academies and elite camps on six continents, to the biggest international baseball competition on the planet. Yet, it cannot bring itself to comply with the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) demands for Olympic reinstatement. All the IOC wants is for the very best baseball players to be made available for the Olympic Games, but MLB’s season is at its most crucial point during the event; understandably this obstacle
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