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  1. Relax the “back side” to correct your bat path!

    by , 04-17-2015 at 04:12 PM (Hitting Right - Baseball Instructional Tips and Drills)
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    Too many hitters are being taught to "stay tall on the backside through the swing." With a back shoulder/side that is forced up the whole swing, a hitter has to throw his hands out away from his body early and "chop" down through the plane of the pitch—leaving hardly any room for error in timing the pitch. Many fouled off pitches, weak fly balls to right and roll-overs to third (RH hitter) are the result.

    Even though great ...
  2. My thoughts on players who charge a fee for ttm

    I have been doing ttm requests for more than 20 yrs now. I started to notice a trend about 5 yrs ago or so. Players started to send price lists with your cards UN signed back to you. They used to just keep the cards and that was it. Keeping you guessing whether or not they would sign them or not. I do not recall who's price list that I ever received first. I used to always get ticked off... John Doe wants me to PAY for his autograph!?!? WHATEVER!!!! I used to put the UN signed cards back in ...

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  3. Ausmus for Another Year

    The Astros signed Brad Ausmus to a one year deal. Ausmus has always been known for his defense, but this time I think this signing might be for him to be a mentor to J. R. Towles as Towles moves into the starting spot. Hopefully, Towles is able to become the full-time catcher at some point in the 2008 season.
  4. Concerning... Alex Rodriguez

    I don't see why he thinks someone will pay him $350 million. The GMs recently took a blind poll and they almost all said that they would never give A-Rod 350 million dollars. He is not a reincarnation of Babe Ruth. He is not God. He is a great player, but any GM who is willing to give up that much cash is silly.

    On another note, A-Rod is one of those players who is suspect to have used PEDs. Jose Canseco said that he had some dirt to dish on A-Rod in his next book. Of course, now, ...
  5. More "Errors" from Topps...

    In 2006, Topps released a baseball card...a true rookie card...of Alex Gordon in their series one set. Just one problem...according to the then-new MLBPA rules, Gordon wasn't eligible for a rookie card. At the time, the general feeling was that Topps wanted to see just how serious the MLBPA was. A little later on in 2006, this time in Series 2, a Cuban defector by the name of Alay Soler earned rookie status after debuting with the New York Mets. Topps scrambled to get out a card of Soler, but couldn't ...

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