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  1. MLB & IOC Need to Think Outside the Box

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    MLB has various programs with the objective of globalizing baseball, from its academies and elite camps on six continents, to the biggest international baseball competition on the planet. Yet, it cannot bring itself to comply with the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) demands for Olympic reinstatement. All the IOC wants is for the very best baseball players to be made available for the Olympic Games, but MLB’s season is at its most crucial point during the event; understandably this obstacle
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  2. The Roar of Victory

    The Roar of Victory

    A row of premium seats,
    field level behind home plate,
    cordoned off.

    Sold out, standing room only,
    covetous eyes watering in

    A line of V.I.P.s finally arrive,
    ordinary, no apparent wealth
    or power -

    a homerun explodes, the stadium
    on its feet - cheering, whistling,
    high fives, slowly subsiding....

    The V.I.P.s remain standing, ...

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  3. Solar Flare

  4. Yom Kippur

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  5. The Catch

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