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  1. Mental Approach – Choose QUALITY over QUANTITY

    by , 04-01-2016 at 01:21 PM (Hitting Right - Baseball Instructional Tips and Drills)
    "I feel the younger guys put too much emphasis on quantity swings," said Andre Dawson, a special assistant to Marlins team president David Samson. "You want to have quality swings. When you feel good and get in a good rhythm, get out of [the cage]. When you take too many swings, you get tired and get in bad habits."
    I love this quote. I’m sure my guys get tired of hearing me say “NEVER sacrifice quality for quantity!” when they start to swing too rapidly and lose ...
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  2. Ultimate Baseball Look

    The preferred look on the baseball diamond.

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  3. A Comprehensive Reform for the Veterans Committee (part 2)

    My attitude towards non-players is very liberal: since standards are mainly subjective there are hundreds of people whom I would have no problem welcoming into the Hall.

    Managers & Coaches committee: Why just elect managers? There should also be consideration given to the unsung coaches who have greatly influenced the game.

    Possible ballot: Dusty Baker, Ralph Houk, Davey Johnson, Jim Leyland, Billy Martin, Gene Mauch, Leo Mazzone, Danny Murtaugh, Lou Piniella, ...

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  4. A Comprehensive Reform for the Veterans Committee (part 1)

    [This article was written in the Spring of 2015 and first appeared at, where it no longer resides.]

    Some of Graham Womack’s recent articles motivated me to put down some ideas I’ve had percolating in my mind regarding the election procedures for the Veterans Committee (VC). The primary aim is to have the VC elect players every year, to start cleaning up the backlog created from 14 years of neglect.

    The first necessity is to separate the players ...

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  5. Mental Approach - Hit like an athlete!

    by , 02-13-2016 at 12:53 PM (Hitting Right - Baseball Instructional Tips and Drills)
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    "If you were thinking, you wouldn't have thought that!" One of the best lines in one of the best baseball movies ever could certainly help many youngsters I have seen in my lessons. I often express it to the hitter as the ability to "Turn your brain off and hit" when you are at the dish in a game situation.

    This may seem like a small detail or even bad advice, but the truth is that great hitters have a loose, fluid, and ...
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