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  1. Baseball Hitting Drills and Tips The Step back Drill

    by , 03-31-2015 at 02:50 PM (Hitting Right - Baseball Instructional Tips and Drills)
    Too often, young hitters are taught to stand as still as possible in the box as they wait for the pitcher to throw the ball.

    The problem with this teaching is that the hitter never gets ready to hit with his body. Consequently, he misses a ton of pitches he should drive.

    Nothing powerful in athletics is done from a stand still position. There has to be movement to overcome inertia. So teach the hitter to create some controlled movements in his stance. It doesn't ...
  2. Danbury Mint - Philips Arena, Atlanta

    by , 01-04-2015 at 03:11 PM (Danbury Mint Atlanta's Philip Arena)
    Hello out there - I am trying to find a Danbury Mint of the Atlanta Hawks/Thrashers Philips Arena. Anyone out there have one, or know where I can pick one up? I know they made them, just can't find one.

  3. Olympic Reinstatement means the World to International Baseball

    Tomorrow, the IOC will vote on some changes to their Olympic Games and one of those possible changes is the reinstatement of baseball to the Olympic program; at least for Tokyo 2020. Lately, the IOC and the USOC are on better terms, which means that that there is a good chance that a U.S. city can host the 2024 games; which may earn baseball two consecutive Olympiads on the program. This doesn't affect the ability for baseball superpowers to produce world class talent in any way, but it does however ...
  4. Finally, "My 1200 Greatest Baseball Players of all-time" !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by baseball junkie View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Sultan_1895-1948 View Post
    Just wait a gosh darn second here....

    So it's not required to be an amateur Ruth historian to come to the conclusion his ratings are outlandish? I thought that was the primary reason I felt that way. Was led to believe such a thing by the attention grabbing a-hole troll who came up with these rankings.

    This changes everything!

    Seriously...Fever exists to call bs like this out. We let this crap go, and it's no better than a Yahoo blog. Shame on Lioness
  5. Eddie Gaedel100% exact replica scorecard available soon

    Quote Originally Posted by wrogers37 View Post
    If you would have been at the Browns game on August 19, 1951 and purchased a scorecard, we have a replica copy which we will soon offer to fans.

    It's a 100% exact replica of the August 19, 1951 scorecard between the St. Louis Browns and the Detroit Tigers. This is when midget, Eddie Gaedel, came up to bat as the first batter in the second game of the team's double header. This event has been identified in some circles as the #1"event" in the history of major league baseball.
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