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  1. Down At The Farm: 2013

    In other news: Mason Williams, was charged with driving under the influence following a traffic stop in Florida

    Not something that's going to please Cashman and Co.
  2. My lengthy absence.

    On the morning of Saturday January 20, I awoke with such excruciating pain in my lower back, I couldn't walk or stand upright. So I went back to bed, where, for the better part of the next month, I stayed, trying to find a comfortable position (no easy task). I was essentially crippled, and nothing short of morphine would help alleviate the pain.

    The results of an MRI showed extreme herniations of all five lumbar disks, pinching the root nerve, which caused additional severe pain ...

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  3. Throwing a Change-up with fastball armspeed is a cue--a goal--but not reality

    Taught my younger son early to not think of the change up as a slower pitch but as a fast ball with a different grip. He has been quite effective with it. A couple of coaches have called it filthy.
  4. Roger Clemens' Legacy Has Been Tarnished by His Courageous Actions

    Some claim that Roger Clemens' legacy has been tarnished by recent events. In a hit piece in the New York Daily News, four "expert" writers (Michael O'Keefe, Nathaniel Vinton, Teri Thompson and Christian Red), pathetically attempt to explain why Clemens cannot win, even if he is exonerated in his perjury trial.

    The first thing that is attacked is the respect Clemens has enjoyed. Once the Mitchell Report named him, it dropped precipitously.

    Next is the belief ...

    On the ninth day of spring, just yesterday, I attended the first footy game in a big stadium in Australia-at York Park in Launceston. I had lived in Australia for 36 years and two months--nearly 60 per cent of my life by then; I had watched parts of several games on small ovals across Australia and, of course, seen dozens of parts of games on TV. But I donít think I had ever watched an entire game.

    I was married to a big football fan and having a son and two step-daughters who ...
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