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  1. Proposed changes in the MLB for the near-future

    Major League Baseball is a pretty exciting sport to watch. But I have some ideas for changes that might help make the game even better.

    1. Expand to 32 teams and realign to 4 divisions of 4 teams in each league.
    This is covered more in detail here:

    Colorado would be the first NL team to be asked if they want to move to the AL, and if they say nah, Arizona would be asked. In addition, the two expansion ...
  2. Wandy Rodriguez - career year?

    I have to admit, I knew this guy would be able to handle things if he could get a grip on his emotions and problems on the road.

    This year, including ST, it seems to be happening. He has a 2-2 record (both losses were when the Astros were shut out, FYI), and has 5 quality starts with an ERA of 1.69 thus far.

    I see him as a quiet yet dominant force for our team. I would love to see him win 15-18 games, which could be accomplished if he can remain steady!
  3. Steroids

    After thinking long and hard about this entire era, I have come to the conclusion that I'm sure many of you already have.

    I'm done with the steroids talk. I'm done bashing Bonds, I'm done bashing Clemens, and I'm not about to start bashing Rodriguez.

    Put them all in. The only person associated with this era that needs to be kept out of the Hall of Fame is Bud Selig.

    Bonds owns the home run record, and he is one of the five best players of all-time, though ...
  4. Formal Debate: Did Jackson Throw the 1919 World Series?

    Point: Shoeless Joe Jackson helped fix the 1919 World Series by deliberately playing below his standards.

    Counterpoint: Jackson tried his best to win the 1919 World Series.

    Point will be defended by (unknown as yet).

    Counterpoint will be defended by (unknown as yet).

    The person defending the point will begin, and will send his argument in a PM. After I post that here, the counterpoint defender responds in a PM, which I will post here. The ...
  5. 3/3/09

    As my first blog I would like to make a prediction.
    The Minnesota Twins and Milwaukee Brewers in the World Series this year. The Twins are going to have Liriano all season and they signed Joe Crede. The Brewers made it to the playoffs last year but didn't have the bullpen with the pick up of Trevor Hoffman I believe l that they have a solid chance of making it all the way.

    My final prediction: Twins over Brewers in six game series.

    Post what you think ...
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