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  1. An Unusual Realignment Plan

    So, its been quite awhile since I've posted anything to this blog. I'm sorry about that, but there's not much to really do when you start getting caught up in the MLB regular season and you keep forgetting.

    Anyway, I've come up with a rather unusual realignment plan for MLB divisions. I'm not serious about this at all, but I figured I'd post this anyway.

    American League East:
    NY Yankees
  2. New Book on Cooperstown Soon To Be Published

    The Men That Cooperstown Forgot, written by Baseball Fever member Carl E. Watts, will soon be available. The book covers the history of major league baseball from the birth of the game in 1846. Thirty players no longer on the BBWAA voting panel but still eligible through the Veterans Committee are profiled.

    The book relates the game chronilogically with an emphasis on the men profiled. Most of the pictures in the book are courtesy of this website.

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  3. Mickey Was the Number 2 Hitter

    Mickey Mantle batted third most of his career, but in 1960, in a game against Cleveland, Casey Stengel batted Mickey second. The Yankees were struggling during the early part of the season, losing too many close games, and Casey, who changed lineups more often than a politician changes her views, decided that he wanted his best hitters to get as many as at bats as possible.

    Casey Explains Why Mantle Should Bat Second

    “As for Mantle,” Casey told reporters, “he’s been ...
  4. Unsolved Mysteries Meets The Twilight Zone

    Game #1292

    It's a Mystery? How can a Baseball Team that is as Hot as Hot can Be winning game after game turn as cold as cold can be not winning a single game and have it Happen simply Over Night all when the Brewers are changing Credit Cards for Playoff Tickets.

    Well, I'm at the Game and I'm watching. It's the 8th Inning and it is one of the time I'm not roaming around and Yost brings in Gagne and Boom Home Run Tie Game. And the thought become what I would say in the ...
  5. Game #1291

    Another Day and Back to your average Day of hanging out at the Ballpark but sadly it back to the same as of late.

    The Same untimely Errors and the same lack of Hitting when it is needed. 9 left on Base against a Pitcher that's been injured for most of the past 2 Years and a pitcher that wasn't all that good to begin with. Simply it's unacceptable.
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