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  1. Nick Swisher Holds His Own with Paul O'Neill

    Modern baseball fans that evaluate baseball players using statistical methodologies recognize the value of Nick Swisher, who has a .244 career batting average, a .356 on base average, and a .456 slugging average. Dan Szymborski of the Baseball Think Factory, using the 2009 ZiPS In-Season Projection Tool, concludes that in 2009, Nick will bat .251, with a .368 on base average and a .480 slugging average.

    Paul O'Neill Has Become Overrated

    The last time the New York Yankees ...
  2. Dizzy Dean Blasts Babe Ruth

    by Harold Friend

    On February 26, 1935, Babe Ruth returned to Boston. Baseball's greatest player signed with the Braves, hoping to play for and eventually manage Boston's other team.

    The Release

    It was a dark, cold, rainy day when Yankees' owner Colonel Jacob Ruppert, Braves' owner Judge Emil Fuchs, and Babe Ruth met before a contingent of reporters at the Colonel's brewery. After exchanging formalities, Colonel Ruppert handed Babe a brief document. ...

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  3. John Sterling is Not Lou Gehrig

    Lou Gehrig is the ultimate role model. He possessed the qualities that most individuals strive to achieve to make themselves better people. Lou Gehrig was honest, a hard-worker, loyal, modest, respectful to others, and self-effacing. He shunned the spotlight, and others often overshadowed even his greatest baseball achievements.

    Lou Gehrig and the Yankees' Image

    The New York Yankees attempt to project Lou Gehrig as the team's image. In some ways, it is a valid comparison, ...
  4. Proposed changes in the MLB for the near-future

    Major League Baseball is a pretty exciting sport to watch. But I have some ideas for changes that might help make the game even better.

    1. Expand to 32 teams and realign to 4 divisions of 4 teams in each league.
    This is covered more in detail here:

    Colorado would be the first NL team to be asked if they want to move to the AL, and if they say nah, Arizona would be asked. In addition, the two expansion ...
  5. Wandy Rodriguez - career year?

    I have to admit, I knew this guy would be able to handle things if he could get a grip on his emotions and problems on the road.

    This year, including ST, it seems to be happening. He has a 2-2 record (both losses were when the Astros were shut out, FYI), and has 5 quality starts with an ERA of 1.69 thus far.

    I see him as a quiet yet dominant force for our team. I would love to see him win 15-18 games, which could be accomplished if he can remain steady!
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