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  1. Yankees-all star streak

    SO the yankees have won 8 out of the last 10 games
    ! Robbie cano has been on a streak of late. I love the all star game as a yankee fan for obvious reasons. I hope this streak since the all star game continues !

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  2. longest homerun

    Just to all who are curious, they longest homerun was hit by Roy Carlyle, hailing from Norcross, Georgia at a distance of 619 feet.
  3. Am I missing any baseball stats?

    Hello......I could use a little help. I work in local high schools and noticed kids wearing dog tags. I came up with the idea of having their stats engraved on the dog tag along with some personal information. I played baseball in high school, but it's been a lot time ago. Am I missing any of the major stats that would be used most often? Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. BBM vs. OOTP

    Although I personally prefer BBM, I own both games.

    Baseball Mogul 2009

    -very simple and fun
    -no learning curve to play
    -the developer of the game takes suggestions from users quite often

    -there are a lot of bugs
    -the community gets pissed off at people alot (including the moderators, most noticably a moderator known as "HoustonGM" or HGM)
    -the game is very simplistic

    Out Of ...

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  5. Trying to start a youth league

    I am trying to start up a youth league in Queen City, TX for that is in the true spirit of sports. The nearest league is almost a religion and taken way too seriously for the age groups. Without getting into great detail, I will say that lifelong friendships have been lost over a T-Ball game. To me that is not acceptable for my kids and many more I know. But, if we want our kids to be adapted to the sport, that league is our only option. I would like to at least offer a more sane option. ...
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