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  1. An Update on Donruss And a Modest Proposal...

    Well, it would seem the Donruss Elite Extra Edition saga is finally behind us. Beckett classified the set as a Minor League set despite having no exemption or mention of a Minor League team. This could be because Donruss made one hasty, last-minute change to the set. While at first the cards merely stated the city name the player played in, this was changed to "Drafted by [whatever team drafted the player]." But Donruss did it so hastily that they made a few errors. For example, David ...
  2. As the Johan Rumors Turn...

    Sitting here sick to my stomache that Johan hasn't been dealt to the Mets or the Dodgers yet...hell I'll even accept a deal to the Angels.

    All in all, I prefer that Johan stay in Twin City and just play out his contract.

    IMO, if the Yankees trade away Phil Hughes then all in the Evil Empire have been duped. All along Brian Cashman has been touting how this is a new Regime and that he's the new Sheriff in town and his goals is to keep Phil Hughes in Pinstripes ...
  3. redlegsfan21's Reds Offseason Update 12/24/07

    Sorry, I didn't update during the week but I was in lovely Birmingham, Alabama. But I guess it is a good thing that I'm posting late because I get to talk about the Josh Hamilton deal.

    Immediately, I said "who" and well, I had a good reason. Edinson Volquez was in the minor leagues for most of last year with the number I first saw, 7.13 ERA in Single-A. But for some reason he had a 1.41 in Triple-A. The numbers seem good since he holds batters to a .190 BA which is great ...
    2007-08 Off-Season
  4. Concerning...Jon Papelbon's Dog

    When Jon Papelbon struck out Seth Smith to win the World Series, he got to keep the game ball (rightly so). So he brought the ball back to his house. Papelbon owns a dog that likes the taste of rawhide and that had a history of eating baseballs. Jon was unable to put two and two together, and left the ball on a table within reach of his dog.

    And the rest is pretty obvious...

    Why didn't he put the ball in a case or something? That ball is a piece of baseball history ...
  5. The State of the Astros Address (12/18/2007)

    We are in dire straits, as far as I see it, people.

    We have given up some of our best prospects (namely Sampson and Albers), as well as sacrificed "tried-and-true" players. Luke Scott was on fire last year after the ASB, and don't even get me started on the loss of Mike Lamb. Idiot management....

    If we are going to contend, it will take more than another big bat like Tejada. We need starting pitching, period. Backe and Wandy may return to form, but even ...
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