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  1. redlegsfan21's Reds Offseason Update 12/6/07

    Welcome to another blog of mine covering Reds news from Cincinnati to Sarasota but probably not Nashville because nothing is happening.

    The Reds have released Jorge Cantu which I think was a mistake but the reasoning behind it is good enough for me. Cantu was arbitration eligible and could have commanded a lot of money but I still hope the Reds sign him as a free agent.

    Other news, the Reds traded Buck Coats to the Jays. My comments: Boring and yea, free money (for ...
    2007-08 Off-Season
  2. San Francisco Seals, longest game

    Somewhere around 1953 - 1955 I attended a baseball game in San Francisco between the San Francisco Seals and I don't remember which team. The game went on and on in extra innings and I vaguely remember someone saying that that was the longest baseball game in history. I seem to remember 27 innings (but I was only 12 at the time and I don't trust on my memory about that). I did a Google search but didn't find any information about that game. Does anyone know what was the longest game the San Francisco ...
  3. Bob Caruthers

    Most who know me here know that I am a HUGE Bob Caruthers supporter and believe that he should be in the HOF..

    Here is a little bio on him:

    Caruthers enjoyed remarkable success from the beginning of his career. In his first six full seasons, the diminutive right-hander pitched for five pennant-winning teams, including three straight with the St. Louis Browns of the American Association. He won 218 games before a sore arm ended his pitching career, but his heavy bat ...
  4. Santana to the Yankees

    I gotta admit...that as much as I want Santana I really would rather not go after him at this point.

    The Trade would create problems for the Yankees starting with OF Defense and then trading away the guy who was supposed to be the Future Ace of the staff. Then to top it off it's going to cost somewhere in the $100M Range just to keep Santana.

    I understand that the Yankees must keep Santana away from Boston, but at what cost?

    Then looking over the trade, ...
  5. Myself

    Well, I dont know if I will ever post here much, but I figured I would try.

    Some info about myself:

    I am a Boston Red Sox fan, obviously. I am also a huge baseball fan in general. I love the history of the game, espically the 1900-1920 era. Gotta love "deadball action".

    My main hobby is table top baseball gaming, my game of choice is Replay Baseball. Currently I am conducting a 2004 Boston Red Sox replay. When that is finished, I plan ...
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