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  1. Stuff that dreams are made of

    What a long winter. Actual baseball talk - transactions and so on - has been buried under the talk of steroids, who cheated, who lied, who's denying, who 'fessed up. Reactions to this flood of accusation and recriminations range from a shrug - "They're all doing it, what's it matter?" - to the more pragmatic - "Now we know, these are the facts, let's work with them and solve the problem" - to the downright puritanical: "Ban them all! Wipe all the records! The game is ruined ...

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  2. Cubs have two big deals in the works!!!

    According to Cubs Chairman Crane Kenny, who did a radio interview this morning on Espn 1000, the Cubs have two big deals that are in the works and will hopefully be completed shortly. He would not specify, of course, who the deals were for, other than he thought that they both will be looked at as high profile signings or trades.

    Most likely one of the deals will not be for the best pitcher in baseball, Johan Santana. Who, according to reports out of Minnesota, will be traded in ...
  3. Proposed threads under CE (notes to self)

    Mostly notes to myself, so please forgive me, as I've done this often in the past.

    So far, I've only got one proposal for how fans feel their teams will fare in 2008. Forget about 2007, but what's their team's makeup in 2008, and how far will it take them? Playoff-bound?

    I'll think of more later on. Just ideas for now.
  4. Gas House Gang

    Can someone suggest where I can find out
    where Pepper, Frankie, Joe Medwick, and
    other Gas House Gang players lived in St. Louis,
    during baseball season, in the mid to late
    1930s? (1936-1939)?

  5. "Need help with Gas House Gang questions"---

    [SIZE="4"]My wife and I are longtime Cardinals fans, and I enjoy reading the many fine books
    about the Cards, particularly the "Gas House
    Gang" of the 1930s. Here's my question:

    I have a friend, who tells me that his late
    grandfather grew up near St. Louis Sportsman's Park in the late 1930s. His grandfather used to
    tell him many stories, of Frankie Frisch, Pepper
    Martin, Joe Medwick, Burleigh Grimes, Buster Mills and other Cardinals ...
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