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  1. Santana to the Yankees

    I gotta admit...that as much as I want Santana I really would rather not go after him at this point.

    The Trade would create problems for the Yankees starting with OF Defense and then trading away the guy who was supposed to be the Future Ace of the staff. Then to top it off it's going to cost somewhere in the $100M Range just to keep Santana.

    I understand that the Yankees must keep Santana away from Boston, but at what cost?

    Then looking over the trade, ...
  2. Myself

    Well, I dont know if I will ever post here much, but I figured I would try.

    Some info about myself:

    I am a Boston Red Sox fan, obviously. I am also a huge baseball fan in general. I love the history of the game, espically the 1900-1920 era. Gotta love "deadball action".

    My main hobby is table top baseball gaming, my game of choice is Replay Baseball. Currently I am conducting a 2004 Boston Red Sox replay. When that is finished, I plan ...
  3. Donruss Reportedly In Hot Water With MLBPA...

    My very first post to this blog was that Donruss would catch heat for its Elite Extra Edition baseball (and "basketball"...I put that in quotes because it features over 70 baseball players and 10 basketball players) set. It seems the heat is already being turned up, and the MLBPA is basically waiting for the set to come out. Strangely enough, they're focusing their rage on just two cards: those of Luke Hochevar and Ross Detwiler. Why? Because from everything I've heard, Donruss' set finally ...

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  4. redlegsfan21's Reds Offseason Update 11/28/07

    Pitching, pitching, pitching, pitching, pitching, pitching, pitching. The key element of a winning ballclub and the Reds have made a major move in improving the pitching staff. I have already posted my thoughts on the signing of Francisco Cordova (if you've see the press conference, you would get it). You can click here to see that thread.

    Meanwhile, the Reds still need to fill some holes. The biggest need is the starting pitching. I really don't see the Reds looking through ...

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    2007-08 Off-Season
  5. Ballpark Dimensions Matter

    I have to go on a rant here. It's just this simple, ballpark dimensions really do matter. There's a difference between bandboxes for hitters to take advantage of and large ballparks where pitchers will feel more comfortable.

    I believe the smaller the ballpark, the higher a batter's stats will be. I can't really say it enough how easy it is for players to hit home runs these days, and I exclude steroids from this. I think one problem, aside from getting on the juice, is that we have ...
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