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EB's Blog 11/10: Predicting the FA Market, Part One

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This will be the first in a series of entries, updated daily. Or at least I'll try.


1. Michael Barrett - Barrett was last seen in a Padres uniform, where he went after a trade from the Cubs. There aren't a lot of teams who went out this offseason and said "okay, we need a catcher", so there might not be a lot of takers for him. He has some attitude problems as well, which could be a turn-off to some teams. If the Yankees can't retain Jorge Posada, I expect them to be major players for Barrett. He also possibly go the the Blue Jays, or another team, but don't expect for there to be a major rush.

Prediction: Yankees if they don't retain Posada, Blue Jays if they do.

2. Jason Kendall - The catcher the Cubs got to replace Barrett, Kendall has very little power left. He was downright horrible while in Oakland in the first half of last year, but was satisfactory with Chicago, perhaps enough to warrant a re-signing. A return to Pittsburgh is highly unlikely, not with my man Neal Huntington at the helm. Kendall could be a decent backup catcher, but probably will never make another All-Star team. A team like San Francisco could use him, as could Texas, Baltimore, or another team in need of a catcher.

Prediction: Cubs

3. Paul Lo Duca - This guy had a good year in 2006, hitting .318. Unfortunately, that was largely an empty BA, as he only had 5 HRs and didn't walk much. He ended up with a 102 OPS+ -- slightly above average. That dropped to 80 last year, 20% below average. He raised his HR and RBI a bit, though they're still far from impressive, and still has solid BA numbers, which could cause some team with a less adept GM to sign him for big money. The Mets could definitely re-sign him, and it may be wise to do so. If he learned to walk, he could be a decent hitter. That's unlikely, though, so I don't see him signing with Toronto, Oakland, or Pittsburgh any time soon.

Prediction: Rangers

4. Jorge Posada - The Yankees offseason thus far has been terrible for them. First they lost Joe Torre in a very messy situation that caused Hank Steinbrenner to look like a spoiled rich kid, then they lose the best player in baseball in a messy thing that went down during Game 4 of the World Series. In order for them to maintain any semblance of being a decently run organization, re-signing Posada is a huge priority. I don't see any other teams having a realistic shot.

Prediction - Yankees

Tomorrow: First Basemen

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  1. Richmond Hill Phoenix's Avatar
    Gotta say that I hope the Jays don't give any veteran catcher more than a 1-year deal, as Curtis Thigpen should be ready to at least platoon by '09. I wouldn't mind seeing Barrett signed to a one-year contract though...