Brad Lidge - Gone!

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If you did not know, read the following thread:

I, for one, don't agree with the move. This could possibly be the first of the "infamous" Ed Wade moves.

Brad was doing fine, after his terrible start last year. He ditched the cutter, then took off. Yes, he had a bad save percentage (19 of 27) - however, the media perpetuates the idea that his defeat in '04 vs. Pujols was his inevitable downfall. Look closely at what he did, game-by-game, in 2007. His ERA was microscopic for almost all of the latter half of the season, until his knee injury reared its ugly head.

I will miss him. I hope that you Philly fans will appreciate him, as well as Bruntlett. They are great players, and great people.

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  1. AutographCollector's Avatar
    I supported Lidge throughout the 05' postseason. Now that he's with the Mets arch rivals... I don't like him anymore.
    Ha ha!
  2. nolanryan5714's Avatar
    Haha, Tony....
    Seriously, it's a great pickup for the Phils, even if for just one season. Brad will return in full form, I'm sure.

    Sorry, bud!
  3. TheoBallgame's Avatar
    I'm a Phils fan. I'm kind of worried about home run balls flying out of Citizen's Bank Park. At least if it doesn't work out, it's just a one-year rental.
  4. nolanryan5714's Avatar
    I must say, I HATE the term "rental player." That's what we had with Beltran....and Randy Johnson. I think it's irresponsible. Anyway, back to the point:

    Brad Lidge will most likely do very well in his new setting, and after his knee surgery recovery. Have faith, man.
  5. TheoBallgame's Avatar
    Oh I agree it's irresponsible. It's no way to run a serious ballclub. But it is what is, and we've got him for a year. I hope you're right.