My Thoughts on the All-Star Game

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Before I go into any detail, I'd like to say that I thought last night was great for MLB. It started Monday night, with Josh Hamilton winning over the crowd

Watching the pregame stuff, I was glad they brought in the Hall-Of-Famers. Being a history (Especially baseball history) freak, I was kind of in awe of all the great players taking the field with the great players of today

To top it off, it was a great game. However, the "this time it counts", which now sounds strange, because it's counted for a few years now. You'd hate to be Terry Francona or Clint Hurdle in that situation, especially if someone got hurt

However, I thought that last night was one of the best nights for MLB I've ever seen. I've always enjoyed learning about the history of baseball, and last night was truely beautiful

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  1. derek2fan's Avatar
    I liked the all star game and home run derby too but i don't think it was one of the greatest night in mlb history . overall i agree with you! Check my blog also on the all star game on my profile my username is derek2fan