Bill Burgess

Bill's Rare Photo Finds.

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1937 AL All-Stars; July 7, 1937, Griffith Stadium---BB Reference 1937 All-Star G.

The AL beat the NL, 8-3. Each side got 13 hits. Lefty Gomez got the win, over Dizzy Dean/Carl Hubbell.
Game in which Dizzy Dean suffered a broken toe, off the bat of Earl Averill, leading to his career demise.


Joe DiMaggio

Nap Lajoie, Indians' 2B, 1913-14-------------------------------------------------------1910-12---BB Reference[/B]

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  1. Buzzaldrin's Avatar
    Look at the size of Greenberg! He just dwarfs the others. Foxx is listed at 6'0" at BR, as is Gehrig. Greenberg is listed as 6'3". Yeah...sure...
  2. George H Ruth's Avatar
    I notice that as well, Greenberg is a giant. I'm sure not many ballplayers/pitchers messed with him.