Golden Age of Parity

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In my opinion the Golden Age of Parity is nestled between the expansion years of 1977 and 1993. During those fifteen seasons Major League Baseball had twenty-six teams and half the league won the World Series. The first ten seasons of this era saw ten different teams crowned champion, unprecedented and has yet to be seen again. Only the Dodgers and Twins had multiple titles, two apiece and no team repeated. All but three teams made the post-season in this era, the Indians, Mariners and Rangers. Itís strange that it all started with the Yankees repeating as champions in 1978 and ended when the Blue Jays repeated in 1993. Itís also strange that the era is polarized by the fact that the Mariners and Blue Jays were expansion teams in 1977. One team obtained the ultimate prize and the other never got close.

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