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    by Published on 06-13-2010 02:05 PM
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    Testing is complete and we have successfully installed a FREE script that will allow you to view, post, read and participate on Baseball Fever from your mobile phone! The app is available for most major phones, costs nothing, and is super easy to install. From their site:

    Tapatalk is a forum app for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia. The app provides super fast forum access to any vBulletin, IPBoard, phpBB and SMF forums that have activated Tapatalk. Forum owner can download the free plug-in to activate Tapatalk in your forum.

    We have installed it, we have tested it, and you may use it today on your iPhone, Blackberry, Andoid & Nokia phone! Enjoy.

    by Published on 06-03-2010 01:54 PM
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    We have not posted in a long time here on our newly added content management system, but that doesn't mean we haven't been hard at work. Recently we added fixes to more than 250 bugs since the release of last system:

    Highlights of whats fixed here on Baseball Fever:

    [Ads] Quote and Advert in First post content
    [BB Codes] BB Codes tags should count against minimum text requirement
    [CSS] CSS Caching Bugs
    [Fixed Width] Doc Width - bug #35038
    [Groups] The "View All Groups" page needs significant improvements
    [Hook] Hook memberaction_dropdown_items unset problem
    [IE6] Various IE 6 Compatibility issues
    [Languages] Stripped certain characters
    [Language Support] Additional Charset Support
    [Lightbox] Date and name overlap in the Lightbox if the picture is relatively small
    [Member Profile] Fixed Blog Tab and Custom Tab problem in Member Profile page.
    [Polls] Fixed issue with poll question too long error
    [RSS] Fixed RSS support to CMS
    [RTL] Fixed various RTL issues
    [Search] "Find All Threads" by person
    [Search Results] Miscellaneous Search Bug fixes.
    [Settings] User link broken in Settings -> New Visitor Messages
    [Signatures] cannot be used to enclose signatures
    [Smilies] Smilies not resizing in Smilie Box
    [StyleVars] Removed Hardcoded StyleVars in Groups
    [Tags] Edit Tags Degradation -> You cannot add any tags.
    [Updated UI] User Settings Pages
    [Updated UI] Registration Screens
    [Updated UI] Advanced Search Pages
    [Updated UI] Moderation Pop-up Menu
    (new) [CMS] Articles can be sorted "Alphabetically"
    (new) [CMS] Added Pagination to Section Pages. Pagination replaces the "View All" link.
    (new) [CMS Widgets] Recent Forum Posts Widget. This new widget improves CMS performance.
    (new) [CMS Widgets] Recent Forum Threads Widget. This new widget improves CMS performance.
    (new) [CMS Widget] Category Widget (Show All). This new category widget will show all categories regardless of which section you are in.
    ...and about 200 more bugs

    Stay tuned for more & enjoy the season,

    by Published on 02-05-2010 04:16 AM

    Welcome to Baseball Fever. In 1999 we had a nice little place on Baseball Almanac where serious fans of baseball could discuss baseball. The web was full of forums where the quality of the post often began with "Player X Sucks" - we were okay with that, but we also knew there was a fan would could easily explain why they sucked, how they didn't before, what may be causing it, and so on. In less than one year we outgrew our little side project and Baseball Fever was born.

    To access the forums, please click the Forum button near the top left. A half million fans visit here monthly reading through more than six million pages of information each and every month.

    Upgrade: This week we upgraded the site and added this content management system to our home page. I barely know how to use it, but our forum is still the busiest baseball discussion board in the world and its just a click away. Bear with me as I learn to use these new features.

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