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Thread: Ranking MLB Fanbases

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    Ranking MLB Fanbases

    Here, Bleacher Report ranks all 30 fanbases for every MLB team.

    I'm dumbfounded that Boston wasn't higher. I understand Fenway has the lowest number of seats in the majors, but that's not a strong enough factor for it to banish Boston fans to seventh.

    Also, Cubs fans are ranked just right. Sox fans could stand to be higher. Who would have thought the Ligue incident would have damaged their reputations so much?
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    Any ranking of fanbases is subjective. Personally, I would say the best fanbase will be the Cardinals, followed by the Cubs and then the Red Sox. These three might be hotly contested, and so it would stand to reason that ranking all 30 would be futile. The ranking will change daily based on whatever criteria are used.

    The worst fanbase might be an interesting discussion, and the current top choice might be the Tampa Bay Rays.
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