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Yeah I don't understand Pauly's hatred for Wally. I also don't understand how Darryl Strawberry can be his favorite player. Seems like he contradicts himself there. But then maybe he prefers ghetto over redneck?
I dont hate Wally Backman at all. He comes off a little "trashy" to me. Thats just my thing. I just dont want him managing this team at this point in his career. Strawberry is my favorite Met player. That doesnt mean I want him managing the team.

I also have no clue of all the Met fans love affair with him. I dont get that at all. If someone can explain to me why Backman was a "must have" in many Met fans eyes I would appreciate it. We just hired three top notch pro's in the executive positions. Why would we go with a minor league manager?

Look obviously Backman will manage this team one day, and when that day comes I hope he wins, but right now I dont feel he was the right guy for the job.

Honestly the only guy I wanted was Bobby V. Everyone after that was a big disappointment to me.