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Thread: help is on the way

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    help is on the way

    Kansas City is a great baseball town. Is there any excitement regarding the best minor league system in baseball and the recent acquisitions in KC? Or is it too early?

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    I'm excited. The hard part is waiting for them to arrive.

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    It is kind of exciting. I just saw Baseball America proclaimed the Royals farm system the best. Reminds of the good 'ole days a little...but as bbxpert said the waiting is the hard part. That said, I have to be a little concerned about how well things will be managed and just what we will actually get to see from the farm system. With KC's penchant for trading away quality...I remain a bit nervous too...cautiously optimistic maybe?

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    I always suspected that rebuilding the minor league system would be a ten year project. It's almost impossible to explain how bad our system was prior to Moore's arrival. We've waited this long. What's a couple more years?
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    Sure we have some minor league talent. But just like the royals always do we seem to somehow destroy that talent. As for right now, when you look at our major league roster its a joke. We have maybe one pitcher in our rotation that would be in the rotation with any other team. Why is davies still pitching? The guy is awful. As for our lineup, we have Billy Butler and thats about it. Everyone else would be lucky to bat .250. Take last nights game for example, we have first and third and nobody out. All Alex Gordon has to do is put the ball in play to score the go ahead run (only reason the game is tied is because of errors the twins made) and he strikes out. Followed by a pop out and ground out, leaves the runners stranded. Twins go on to win in extra innings. That one run in the 7th or 8th inning would of won the game. Instead we lose.


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