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Thread: '69 Cardinals signed ball

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    '69 Cardinals signed ball

    Hi All,

    I'm new to the forum and I have a question about the estimated value of a baseball I was given back in 1969. The ball is signed by almost all of the 1969 Cardinals and was given to me by Steve Carlton. Steve was a cousin of my next door neigbors and when ever the Cards were in town to play the Braves Steve would always get them tickets for the games. I was invited to go with them on one occasion and we met Steve at the downtown Atlanta Marriott afterwards. I was 14 at the time and was thrilled to meet an actual professional baseball player! He was very friendly and promised to get a signed ball for my buddies and me, which he did. The ball is in really good shape but a few of the signatures have faded a little. I've wondered for years what the ball might be worth, any ideas? Thanks, Bob

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    Nice story Bob. Worth depends on several factors... Condition of the ball, authenticity (which seems to be ok, but you'll run into a skeptic here and there)... How many players are missing... How many HOF'ers are on the ball, etc. Even the type of ball it is. Since it was from Carlton, I'm guessing it is a legit NL ball? That helps.

    If it is in average condition for its age, has the HOF'ers and is relatively complete enough to be considered a "team" ball, I'm going to say it's worth $400-$500 or so. I am, however nowhere NEAR an expert, having never paid for an autograph in my life.... Just collected what I could get on my own.
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