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    I've explained my support for Joss and support against Grimes before. What I want to know is why Billy Pierce is so far behind Tiant, who may very well be elected this season. Tiant had 7 votes for 51 points last time and Pierce had nothing. Compare the two and you will see (I hope) there is little statistical difference. I don't get it. Kind of the same way I don't get why Red Faber made it in while Eppa Rixey is struggling.

    In fact, I just looked up Tiant's Hall of Merit page for the first time. The very first reply is "He looks a LOT like Billy Pierce. Was he leveraged like Pierce?"

    Tiant will be elected without my help it seems, but he is very close on my pitcher's queue (behind Pierce). The only remarkable stat he has over the field of holdovers is a pitching WAR of 60.1 (batting WAR is -0.7). I'm having trouble figuring out where the extra (guestimate) 8-10 points comes from. Could be the ballpark... except his ERA+ is only 115. Could be the pitching age... except he pitched through the silver age of pitching, where all kinds of starting pitchers were having great years. Could be team defense... but nothing jumps out to me from those Cleveland teams of the 60s and Boston teams of the 70s as being bad. He didn't pitch particularly long for a HOF career either (77th in career BF). He's got a Gray Ink of 112 (179th all time). Yet there he is with an eqERA under 3.90 and a WAR approaching Palmer and Marichal.

    I don't mean to come across as saying I do not support Tiant -- I do, or at least would be soon as a few more players are elected from my ballot. I'm showing why he's behind Joss in my queue. As well as the likes of Faber, Rixey, Ruffing, and Lemon.
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