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Thread: On Field Picture Thread

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    On Field Picture Thread

    Anyone have pictures of stadiums while they were on the field? Warning track photos are fine, but I think photos from the infield and outfield would be really cool.

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    Some of my pics from the dugout @ Tropicana last season

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    shea 88/89...

    was shooting @ shea during old timers day '88 and seaver day '89...
    clockwise in each group -
    1st group - '69 team pix, ernie banks, bill robinson, jay jonstone
    2nd group - paul blair, dave cash, dennis lenoard, roy white, ralph kiner, the glider, bobby bonds, dick groat, billy williams, bill robinson
    3rd pix - jim mcandrew

    more to come...
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    baltimore memorial 1991...

    was there in the summer of '91...
    was one of the last parks without still photo boxes, if you were shooting the game you were on the field between the dugouts and backstop screen - hence the rules.
    group 1 - johnny oats w/player, roberto kelly, view from visitors dugout, donnie baseball
    group 2 - right field corner, my pal al trautwig, o's dugout, o's dugout towards lf.
    o's photographer rules, the fella ernie tyler who supplied baseballs for the game kept an eye on photogs and kept them on their toes...
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    was at fenway in '91 or '92...
    group 1 - monster, view from in front of dugout, 1st base stands, view to cf.
    group 2 - moe vaughn, rf stands, view from camera pit to .400 club, wade boggs
    group 3 - l to r - arrow shows camera pit where i sat, view from viz. dugout, lf pole and monster
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    What's with the X's?

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    skydome in '90, not long after it opened...
    group 1 - dugout and access, reverse angle of access looking towards dugout, grounds crew removing mound, next 3 - removing 2-3" of infield dirt before installing astroturf for football
    group 2 - jim abbot, player/dugout access under stands, me there, opening the roof (the roof was moved only when the stands were empty, before and after games. the club said it was for safety reasons but i talked to an usher had he said that during the 1st home-stand the roof was closed immediately after games and the exiting crowd stopped in their tracks to watch it happen and the jays had to pay the ushers for another 1/2 hour, as usual follow the $$$$'s for the truth), more roof opening.
    group 3 - roof open during bp, "steroid boy" mcguire, jays dugout, jorge "canadian-baseball-fans-can kiss-my-ass" bell doing an interview post-game.
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    old yankee stadium 6/26/70...
    ron woods in 1st base dugout, baseball writers softball game
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    shea 88/89...

    more pix from mets old timers day...
    group 1 - seaver throwing, koosman and seaver, dick groat and arthur richman, rusty
    group 2 - nolan ryan interview '88
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    Paul, I'm sure those OYS pics weren't from 1979.

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    Turner Field from Braves Dugout

    Pictures from the stadium tour of Turner Field in Atlanta from 2006.
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    A few shots of Citi Field as seen during the season ticket holder's Mr. Met Dash 10/4/09...

    Looking towards left field from just to the right of the bullpens...

    (Photo taken October 4, 2009. Gary Dunaier. Link to upload on here.)

    A view from right field with the sun in your eyes...

    (Photo taken October 4, 2009. Gary Dunaier. Link to upload on here.)

    View looking from right field towards center field...

    (Photo taken October 4, 2009. Gary Dunaier. Link to upload on here.)

    Looking straight down the right field line...

    (Photo taken October 4, 2009. Gary Dunaier. Link to upload on here.)

    The Citi Vision scoreboard as seen from the basepath, between first and second bases...

    (Photo taken October 4, 2009. Gary Dunaier. Link to upload on here.)

    The stands behind home plate as seen from just past second base...

    (Photo taken October 4, 2009. Gary Dunaier. Link to upload on here.)

    The stands along the first base side, and behind the Mets' dugout, as seen from just past second base...

    (Photo taken October 4, 2009. Gary Dunaier. Link to upload on here.)

    View from the tunnel on the third base side. This is the tunnel the umpires use when they have to go inside to review a disputed home run call.

    (Photo taken October 4, 2009. Gary Dunaier. Link to upload on here.)
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    Mets Fantasy Camp

    I go to Mets Fantasy Camp, and each year there is a reunion during the Baseball season. We attend a ame, are introduced on te field, and the next day we actually get to play ball on the field in uniform. My Fantasy Camp group was the last to play at Shea and the first to play at Citi. Some appropriate pics from last year (June)at Citi follow.BTW--I'm #13, SHOTSKY n the pic by the batting cage, waiting for my turn to bat before the actual game. As you can see by the scoreboard, my team won--I scored! The final pic is taken from the dugout while my team batted--Ed Charles is the first base coach.:
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    day at the show...

    the bay area msbl rents the phone co. park from the gi-ants for three days ever year, here i am hitting and the squad...
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    My son patrolling LF at OYS..
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    Showing the little guy where Home Plate used to be...
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    A few of mine:


    Camden Yards





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    Some pics from Camera Day at Anaheim Stadium, 8/16/87. Angels hosting the Oakland Athletics.

    (these were taken with a 110 camera that was almost 10 years old back then, so the quality may not be the best. Also, this is my first pictyre post on BBF, so please bear with me)

    Brian Downing:

    Don Sutton:

    Doug DeCinces:

    Jerry Reuss:

    (did that guy pitch forever or what? I had a rookie card for him in 1970! (when he was in the Cardinals system, though I don't think he came up for good until a year or so later), and there he is still active 17 years later. And I'm not sure that 1987 was his last year either (don't feel like looking it up on

    Darrell Miller:

    (who is only the 3rd most famous athlete in his family)

    Gary Pettis:

    More next post...

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    Part 2 from Camera Day at Anaheim Stadium 8/16/87

    Manager Gene Mauch:

    And since this is a stadium thread, the Anaheim Stadium scoreboard (this is the one that collapsed during the Northridge earthquake, despite being like 60 miles to the south):

    As the festivities were winding down, and we were heading back into the seats, saw a familiar person in the Angels bullpen:

    Could it be...

    Indeed! Mr. October!

    Reggie came onto the field as the fans were leaving, many fans were calling out to him to get him to pose for a picture, he ignored them all, but he made sure that he could be easily seen That's Reggie, gotta love him

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    shea 80's...

    more from shea '88/'89...
    a. mcreynolds, strawberry, will clark
    b. old timers day - al weis, lindsey nelson, brock, agee, joe pignatano,
    h. johnson, dennis leonard, seaver, agee, bobby pfeil/nate
    colbert, jack dilauro
    c. orlando cepeda/d. johnson, seaver, tug hitting & throwing bp
    d. player family day - carter, johnson
    e. johnson, straw/perlozzo, will clark, johnson/robby thompson/bill fahey
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    the ex...

    exhibition stadium, toronto 1989, about a month after the jays moved to the dome...
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    pilot field...

    buffalo's pilot field, 1989...
    pitcher in 3rd group is bob tewksbury
    bottom pix - sam khalifa, jay bell #3
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