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Thread: 1901-07 Philadelphia Athletics

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    Lave Cross, 1902
    This photo was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer the day after the Athletics had played the Orioles. Assuming that the photo had been taken during that game, the catcher is Wilbert Robinson and the umpire is Jim Johnstone.

    AL Phi Lave Cross and possibly Bal Robinson and umpire Jim Johnstone.jpg

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    A group of Athletics during 1903 spring training
    Left to right: Ossee Schrecongost (C), Socks Seybold (RF), Connie Mack (Mgr.), Eddie Plank (P), and in front of Plank--Tad Quinn (P).

    1903 AL Phi small group spring.pdf.jpg

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    Chief Bender, 1903 spring training

    1903 Chief Bender.jpg

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    Lunch time at the Athletics' spring training, 1903
    Manager Connie Mack is in the upper right corner, and it appears that Socks Seybold is in front of him and Chief Bender is in the left foreground.
    Can anyone identify the others?

    1903 AL Phi lunch time spring.jpg

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    1901 Pitcher Snake Wiltse

    AL Phi Snake Wiltse.jpg

    He had apparently not yet obtained an Athletics uniform when these photos were taken.
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    1901 Catcher/RF Farmer Steelman

    AL Phi Farmer Steelman.jpg

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    1905 Philadelphia Athletics in spring training
    Top Row (left to right): Pete Noonan (C, DNP*), unknown (DNP*), O'Brien (DNP*), Jack Knight (SS), Eddie Plank (P), Harry Davis (1B), Socks Seybold (RF), Monte Cross (SS).
    Middle Row (left to right): Doc Powers (C), Rube Waddell (P), Topsy Hartsel (LF), Harry Barton (C), McCrane (DNP*).
    Bottom Row (left to right): Danny Hoffman (CF), Lave Cross (3B), Bris Lord (CF/RF), Lou Bruce (C, DNP*).
    *Did not play for the Athletics in 1905.

    1905 AL Phi preseason.jpg

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    Captain Lajoie of the Athletics, 1901

    AL Phi Lajoie throwing.jpg

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    Athletics SS Monte Cross (after he had shaven off his mustache in 1905)

    AL Phi Monte Cross clean-shaven.jpg

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    1902 Philadelphia Athletics; 83-53, .610, 1st place

    Top Row, L-R: Eddie Plank (P), Tad Quinn (P), Tom Walker (P), Ossee Schrecongost (C), Rube Waddell (P), Harry Davis (P), Monte Cross (SS), Dave Fultz (CF).
    Middle Row, L-R: Doc Powers (C), Socks Seybold (RF), Lave Cross (3B), Connie Mack (Mgr.), Danny Murphy (2B), Luis Castro (2B), Fred Mitchell (P).
    Bottom Row, L-R: Bert Husting (P), Topsy Hartsel (LF), Highball Wilson (P).
    1902 AL Philadelphia 2.jpg

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    1907 Philadelphia Athletics
    Standing (L-R): John Knight (SS), Eddie Plank (P), Jack Coombs (P), Socks Seybold (RF), Rube Waddell (P), Chief Bender (P), Simon Nicholls (SS), Harry Davis (1B), Ossee Schrecongost (C), unknown.
    Sitting (L-R): Bris Lord (OF), Danny Murphy (2B), Monte Cross (SS), unknown, Connie Mack (Mgr.), Topsy Hartsel (LF), Rube Oldring (CF), Doc Powers (C), Jimmy Dygert (P).

    1907 AL Philadelphia 2.jpg

    This photograph, which will be available in an upcoming Heritage Auction, shows the team prior to the June trade that brought Jimmy Collins to the Athletics.

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    1903 Philadelphia Athletics composite photo by Carl Horner
    Top Row (L-R): Ralph "Socks" Seybold (LF), Danny Murphy (2B), Ollie Pickering (CF), Danny Hoffman (LF/RF), Monte Cross (SS), Bert Daly (3B/2B/SS).
    Middle Row (L-R): Mike "Doc" Powers (C), Charles Albert "Chief" Bender (P), Connie Mack (Mgr.), Eddie Plank (P), Tully "Topsy" Hartsel (LF).
    Bottom Row (L-R): Freeman Osee Schrecongost (C), George "Rube" Waddell (P), Harry Davis (1B), Lave Cross (3B), Connie McGeehan (P), Weldon Henley (P).

    1903 AL Philadelphia Horner.jpg

    This composite will be sold in an upcoming Heritage Auction.

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