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    Rapid Stats Baseball

    Working on setting a record for writing internet sports simulations. Rapid Stats Baseball is my new one. Set up either a four or ten team league consisting of teams all the way back to 1903. The season is simulated in 18 game chunks so you can follow the standings and stat leaders. Try scenarios like a league with sluggers like Ruth, Maris, Mantle, Bonds, McGwire, Foxx, Greenberg, etc battling for the home run crown. Play a league with all Red Sox and Yankees teams. Put the 2010 Giants back in 1910. You can play a season in under five minutes easy. Feedback welcome.

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    Doesn't take into account era. I did 2001 Giants, 1998 Cardinals, and 1999 Cubs to see how Sosa, Bonds, and McGwire would fare against 1916 Red Sox. The Red Sox only hit 11 homers as a team, while the others hit at least 50 HR individually. Will deadball guys always hit for the high average, low slugging seasons?

    Regardless, really cool. Awesome job!
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