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I started to list some of my season tickets, found that the fee format is different now. Not sure how it's getting calculated. Even when listing 2 tickets to be sold together, the pricing screen is giving me a per-ticket, not per-pair payout; and if I look at the "Buyer Sees" price versus last year, it seems higher. Anybody have more detailed info on this?
Just received an e-mail that stub hub seller fees have been lowered to 10 percent. I chatted with them. The buyers electronic fee is 2.00 per ticket. The fee to the buyer will fluctuate. The woman would not state in the chat how low the fee would go or high the fee would go. She was evasive. The seller will get nothing from a high fee. She wrote that the fee would depend on the game and demand. We no longer get to set the price on tickets we own. Stubhub is doing dynamic pricing with our tickets. I think this is BS. Any opinions out there?