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Thread: pitcher's pre-game warm up

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    pitcher's pre-game warm up

    For 10 & 11 year olds:

    How do you gauge how many pitches should a pitcher throw before the game to warm up? Everyone always thinks about pitch counts, but if you add up the initial warm up bullpen, then warm up before each inning, plus game pitches........ that's a lot.

    Last night, my son warmed up with me and then, I as I was doing other duties, he went and threw more bullpen with another kid. He pitched well until he just 'hit the wall'.(I think it was the 4th inning) He was having trouble trowing strikes all of a sudden. I think his tank was empty.

    So I'm thinking that we need to save the bullets for the game, but still warm up him adequately. How do you guys approach this?
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    10 and 11 year olds shouldn't be pitching more than 2-3 innings unless they are very efficient anyway. They are kids!! EDIT: Sorry, I was in a hurry. I should have said "They are only 10-11 years old!" If you look at the ASMI pitching limit suggestions, 10-11 year olds should pitch a max of 50 pitches a game (10) or 75 pitches a game (11). And no more than 75-100 pitches a week.

    The average 10-11 year old pitches 18-20 pitches per inning. So that is roughly 2-3 innings total. Maybe slightly more for the older child depending...

    The position statement is here

    I have a High School pitcher who I let throw too many pitches per week when he was 12 although he was under the "per game" limits. The result was that by All Star season his arm was just too tired. He ended up hurting his arm and didn't pitch much in All Stars. So we learned from that experience. Fast forward to now and he just finished his Freshman year as the ace of his JV team but only because we were much more careful as a 13U and 14U player.
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