Really interesting and sad article in NY Times the last couple of days about the Ugandan Little League team that qualified for Williamsport World Series, only to be denied US visas because the boys' birth dates lacked documentation in the face of some indication that some of the boys were over age, though no one is arguing that it was cheating because no one really knows how old the boys are.

This was evidently not the fault of Hilary Clinton because the team had several months notice to get its affairs in order before the boys would be admitted to the US, and the team also probably should not have been permitted into Poland to participate in the regional either.

Nevertheless, it is fascinating that boys in Uganda are playing good ball, and that one of the owners of the Trenton Thunder, AA affiliate of the Yankees, is supporting the program with his own money, $1.5 million so far.

The team also needs equipment, as it only has 700 gloves for 15,000 boys, and the team's website says it gets stuff from Pitch In for Baseball,, which accepts gently used donated equipment and spreads it out to needy players. So anybody that has quality used gear might consider parsing through it and sending it to them, somewhere in Pennsylvania.