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Thread: 1978-79 Offseason Thread

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    1978-79 Offseason Thread

    --Welcome to the CKL 1978-79 offseason thread. Here is a tenative list of events. If you have a problem with any of them please speak up as soon as possible.
    Friday 9/16 (midnight EST): Non-tender/HTD bid deadline. Every team should also have their up to date roster with salaries posted at this time.
    Monday 9/19 (midnight EST): Deadline to overbid HTD offers
    Monday 9/19 (midnight EST): Rookie draft starts
    Monday 10/10 (8PM EST): Rookie draft ends
    Monday, 10/10(9PM EST): Free agent auctions begins. Preliminary bids must be made one player per post and must be topped in 250K increments
    Tuesday, 10/11 (8PM EST): first bid list posted
    Tuesday, 10/11 (9PM EST): Phase 1 begins, bids still made in 250K increments
    Wednesday, 10/12 (8PM EST): Phase 1 ends, players not overbid signed by teams holding the high bid from the previous evening
    Wednesday, 10/12 (9PM EST): Phase 2 begins, bids must now be made in 500K increments*
    Thursday, 10/13 (8PM EST): Phase 2 ends
    Thursday, 10/13 (9PM EST): Phase 3 begins, bids must now be made in 1 million dollar increments*
    Friday, 10/14 (8PM EST): Phase 3 ends
    * overbids must be at the indicated figure, New bids may be made at 250K at any point int he auction.
    Friday, 10/14 (9PM EST): Live auction begins and runs until each player has gone 10 minutes without a fresh bid (first signing would be 9:10 for a player with no new bid in the live auction).
    Friday, 10/14 (10PM EST): Free signing period begins. Any team under 40 players may sign any unsigned player for minimum wage until they reach 40 players. One signing per post.
    Saturday, 10/15 (midnight EST): teams who went over 40 players in the auction must cut down to 40 and are responsible for the salary of the released players.
    Monday, 10/17 (midnight EST): teams must have 40 players under contract or be charged a 250K per vacant roster space cap penalty.
    Thursday, 10/20 (midnight EST): managerial profiles must be posted.
    Saturday, 10/23: Opening Day!
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