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Thread: Matt Moore and Desmond Jennings

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    Matt Moore and Desmond Jennings

    Should they have been called up earlier?

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    Moore started the year in AA, then got promoted to AAA in July. The only reason he is up now is because the rosters expanded and the Rays felt he could play the same role David Price did for them in 2008 - come out of the bullpen with a blazing fastball, maybe a spot start, while the team is in contention for a playoff spot. He will most likely start 2012 in AAA as well. The Rays do not rush players, especially pitchers to the majors.

    I believe Jennings was going to be called up around Memorial Day. He did not have a great September here with the Rays in 2010, and they felt it would be best for him to start the year in AAA. Then Sam Fuld got off to that great start in April till about mid May which allowed Jennings more time to develop. Then when they were ready to call him up when Fuld cooled off dramatically, he got hurt and his callup was delayed 2-3 weeks. I do believe if he had been here by the end of May he certainly would have helped our offense and could have been at least 2-3 WAR, which would be the difference in the wildcard right about now.


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