It'll be a big off-season for the Brewers, as you guys know.

They're losing Fielder, but keeping all the pieces around him, including Weeks, Hart, Braun, Grenike, Marcum and Gallardo.

Despite a lot of solid players staying with the team, there's some question marks.

1B - A lot of people seem to think they'll move Hart to 1B to replace Fielder. I don't think Mat Gamel will be able to recreate his minor league stats in the Majors. The times he's been called up, I haven't been impressed with his at-bats.

SS - The Brewers have a 6 mil option on Betancourt. There's been talk bout the Brewers going after Jose Reyes. I'd decline the option on Betancourt and go after Reyes. Reyes -> Weeks -> Braun is a scary top of the order.

3B - Sigh.... I thought Casey McGehee would be the 3B here for a long time but this season was a disaster. My father thinks we should bring back Jerry Hairston Jr. next year to play 3B, but Hairston is 35. Can he play 3B all season and hold up?

OF - I think the Crew should bring back Morgan. He had some great at-bats, and who would trade for him at this point anyway. If Hart does move to 1B, then the Crew will probably put Morgan at RF full time. That leaves a gap at CF. I love Gomez on defense, but his bat is lacking. Maybe the Brewers can get a middle-upper tier free agent centerfielder if they can't get Reyes.

SP - Gallardo isn't going anywhere for a long time, and the Brewers have Greinke, Wolf and Marcum for one more year. Plus all the fifth-spot regulars like Estrada, Parra and Navreson aren't going anywhere. The rotation will be more or less that same, I recon. Doubt Melvin will drop any money on a big name free agent here.

MR - I'd resign LaTroy Hawkins and Takashi Satio, I think they pitched well this season out of the pen. As for the other guys, I dunno. Lot of question marks there.

CL - No questions here. Axford all the way. Have fun pitching for the Dodgers, K-Rod.