So, the 2011 Season is over with, the records set and now we must look ahead to next season.

Of course, this year was a disappointment, ending up with a 67-95 record good for 4th in the AL West race.

This past year gave us a look at a lot of prospects (Pineda, Ackley, Carp and others) and got rid of a bit of dead weight (in the form of Cust and others).

This next Season, I think that the strength is still our pitching, with Felix and Pineda heading it up. Felix took a dip this year but that is understandable with such a destitute offense to back him up. And Pineda dropped off at the end of a long season, but I can see him learning a lot from last year and moving forward. He needs to learn a lesson that Felix did just a few years back. That while you may have a devestating Fast Ball among other pitches, you sometimes need to take a little off at times. The 2 of them together, possibly for several years gets me very excited though!

Offensively, the team will improve with both Ackley and Carp starting for us from the beginning of the season. We could use some of Carps power, and with him playing every day, 25+ HR's is definitely not out of the question. As for Ackley, he will surely grow as well and will be a solid producer towards the top of the lineup as well. I also hope that Smoak may be able to turn it around and stay healthy. He has shown a few flashes of what he can do and I really liked what I saw.

I don't know what to do about Ichiro, I guess just wait and see what he decides to do. I want to have Seager start at 3B over Figgins.

We have a few other kids who I want to be given a shot at being on the opening day roster as well such as Liddi and Peguero. They along with Casper Wells have shown potential, especially in the HR department, something this team has greatly lacked for several years now. We were 2nd to last in the AL in HR's this past year (109), just ahead of Minnesota (103).

Our Bullpen sure could use and infusion of talent and maybe this offseason we could address that.

So, what are your thoughts on the 2012 season? What are some areas we could addresss this offseason? Are there any big name FA's that could help us? Do you think we will go after any of them?