I realize the Dodgers needed to sign a C and 2B (although I was hoping they'd keep Carroll), but now it seems that having done so Colletti is saying that pursuingFielder or another power bat is out of the picture.

"We'll have to figure out another way to produce runs . . ." Um, yes, the team WILL have to do that, Ned. "We need Juan Uribe to give us offense, and he didn't give us much." Um, no, Ned, he did not. And I, for one, will PUKE if Uribe comes to Spring Training chubbed-out like he spent all of last season. He is being given 3B, and if he doesn't work hard and get into shape, then he will again be a disappointment. Not that Blake was amazing, but he DID work his rear end off to be as good/healthy as possible.

IF Rivera can repeat his performance over a full season, he will be a big deal. IF Ethier can stay healthy, he can be one of the best RF in the game. IF Loney can up his power production, he will be extremely valuable to the Dodgers.

Lots of "ifs" to deal with for whomever ends up owning the team. I REALLY love the team that is coming back, with the exception of Uribe and the catching situation. I, however, do not understand what the rush was to add C Treanor and 2B Ellis. That STILL does not solve the lack of power at the corner IF spots. And, IMO, the catching corps the Dodgers now possess is seriously lacking. Treanor is a viable back-up, but I simply don't believe Ellis or Federowicz (sp?) are ready to start in MLB. Hope they prove me wrong!

Lastly, I would like to see Kuroda signed for a 1-year deal. He says in the article linked above that it still is a possibility. I have read that he does want to head back to NPB eventually, but I see that the offer currently on the table from Japan is not very serious. Here's hoping he resigns with the Dodgers and not another west coast team, which is where he has been clear he wants to play.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I do hope that the Dodgers board can stay reasonably active over the winter!!