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Thread: December 2011 TTM successes

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    Great success on many levels end the year
    Milt Welch, played one game for the Tigers in 1945..88 yrs old.
    We ask, when we send to the old timers if they have another family member that played professional ball. Sure enough. Milt had a twin brother, Melvin, who Milt gave me address for and we also ask "Who is the "1st scout" (signing scout) which Milt gave and information forwarded to SABR, who did not have that information.

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    Rick Cerone - 1/1 via home address in 10 days. (SCAN)

    Erik Hanson - 2/2 via home address in 24 days. (SCAN1) (SCAN2)

    Dave Schmidt - 3/3 via home address in 52 days. (SCAN1) (SCAN2) (SCAN3)

    Also had a RTS from Dusty Baker c/o the Reds.
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