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Thread: Cowtipper's retirements thread

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    Alex Ramirez

    Alex Ramirez, a two-time most valuable player in Nippon Professional Baseball, said he would end his playing career after more than two decades on the diamond.

    The Venezuelan slugger holds the record for most career hits and runs batted in by a foreign-born player. In a statement released through the Gunma Diamond Pegasus Baseball Club of the independent league, where he served as a playing coach this season, Ramirez said he has decided to “close the curtain” on his career that lasted 24 years.
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    Chris Schwinden

    Chris Schwinden...he told me. Towards the end of the season here Schwinden left the team to take the test to become a cop.

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    It's a little surprising that Josh Willingham would retire at just age 35. HE DECLINED A BIT THE LAST TWO SEASONS, BUT WAS A HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE HITTER AT LEAST THROUGH 2012.Perhaps his retirement is injury-related. Perhaps he saved his money wisely and can afford to retire at that age. If players have the money through today's inflated MLB salaries they can afford to retire earlier. If they've grown tired of the travel or if they can't command the salary they think they are worth (ie: Kenny Lofton didn't return after a good 2007 season because his best offer for 2008 was for only "a meager One Million Dollars") and they have what Howard Stern once described as "F.U. money" in the bank they may decide to retire early. I still think the real competitors will play on to until their late 30s or early 40s, until injuries or poor and declining performances dictate that they should "hang 'em up".

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