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Thread: K-Rod Accepts Arbitration

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    K-Rod Accepts Arbitration

    Oh boy. Was mad when I first heard this but I actually quite like it.

    -At least 8 million locked into our setup-man. Could have used that money on a more pressing need.
    -No compensatory picks in the first round.

    -Really helps out the back end of the bullpen for now, especially since Hawkins just signed with Anahiem.
    -Whether or not the Brewers are in the race down the stretch, you know someone else in the race will need a closer and we can pass K-Rod onto them for something valuable.
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    Yeah, I was kinda pissed, but it can't hurt the team.

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    Could he be traded to another team? Would the Brewers be willing to eat some, but not all, of the salary to move K-Rod?

    I would not want him on the Mets, for one.
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