I'm having a lot of difficulty in getting a feel for the defensive skills and speed of certain historical players. Hopefully, BBFers can help me by contributing opinions, anecdotes, stats, biographical info, or anything else. I'll start in the infield and work my way to the outfield. You can rate them any way you want, whether it be a 1-10 scale, numerical statistic, or simply using an adjective.

My reason behind this is because I redo my top 100 players list every year. Until now, I haven't had enough information on certain players when it came to defense and speed. Any information on the following is greatly appreciated:

Lou Gehrig
Jimmie Foxx
Charlie Gehringer
Rogers Hornsby (Defense- was he better than he's usually made out?)
Frank Baker
Lou Boudreau (Defense)
Jeff Bagwell (I live in the East Coast so I never saw much of him)
Andres Galarraga (same as Bagwell)
Rod Carew (Defense)
Gary Carter
Jackie Robinson (Defense)
Roy Campanella (Defense)