The 1960's saw it's share of franchise shifts, though not on the scale or magnitude of the 1950's. The Washington Senators moved to Bloomington, Minn.; the Milwaukee Braves moved to Atlanta, and the Kansas City Athletics relocated to Oakland. h
Historically, for me, even more interseting than the moves themselves, are the rumors of moves that never occurred. In the mid-60's one team that was constantly rumored to be on the move were the Cleveland Indians.

1964 editions of The Sporting News published stories with these headlines -

-Seattle 'Secret Out': City Trying To Land Indians
-Fade Out On Field Booby Traps Bid To Save Injuns
-Seattle Snaps Up Tickets In Drive To Land Indians
-Directors Ask Gabe (Gabe Paul, Pres. of Indians) To Obtain Data On Other Indian Sites
-Still Hope For Cleveland
-Injuns Said To Have Nixed Modell's Offer To Buy Club

The Indians turned down an offer from an Oakland syndicate to buy the club for $6.5 million. At that point, Browns owner Art Modell offered 6.3 million to keep the team in Cleveland. Ironic isn't it. Modell wanting to keep a team IN Cleveland.

In all, four cities flirted with the Indians in '64 - Louisville, Seattle, Oakland and Dallas-Ft Worth. Apparently the overtures continued into 1965. The headline on the cover of the 9/25/65 issue of The Sporting News shouts: INDIANS TO STAY IN CLEVELAND FOR '66

The most bizzare/from out of left field rumor I uncovered is this one. During one of the many Cleveland is going to Seattle episodes, it was reported that the Reds would then move to Cleveland. That's right, the Cleveland Redlegs. The theory was that with a good team, the Reds, and an exciting new league with more stars, baseball interest in Cleveland would be revived.