Larkin and Rollins

Larkin is the 22nd shortstop to be inducted into the HOF. Here is a list of the already existing 21...

Using the categories shown, here's where Larkin ranks in each:

AVG - 7th
OBP - 8th
SLG - 6th
Hits - 10th
HR - 4th
RBI - 10th
Runs - 8th
SB - 6th

The only other HOF shortstop to be in the top-10 of every category is Honus Wagner.

Jimmy Rollins needs a few more good seasons to have any shot at the HOF. If He completes his 3 year contract at a reasonable rate that He has played over the past couple season, He'll no doubt move into the top 10 SS list in Hits, RBI and Runs, top 3 or 4 in HR and SB.
He'll have to avoid long stretches on the DL to have a shot though, not a guaranteed given his injuries lately.

His rankings currently on the same list of the 22 HOF shortstops:

AVG - 17th
OBP - 19th
SLG - 8th
Hits - 18th
HR - 5th
RBI - 20th
Runs -16th
SB - 7th

Rollins has 12 seasons
Larkin had 19 seasons