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    Franchise players can be designated any time up to their fourth year, but of course it goes without saying that there would be no advantage to designating one earlier because they you would have to pay the higher salary that much sooner. In CKL it has to be done after the fourth season but prior to the beginning of the fifth season, so there is a rather limited window available. I would also suggest doing it prior to the RFA process, since then you would know how much cap space you had left. Then again, you might want to wait until after the RFA so you would know how much you had left. I don't believe (although I could be wrong) that it has to be done at any certain point, though, other than before the final rosters are set for the following season. Rich may wish to set a definite deadline though.
    So if I want to designate a player as my Franchise player, but his 4th year happens in say 1917, that means I can't have any Franchise player from 1911-1916, correct?

    Also, do players we select in 1901 count as "rookies" for purposes of being Franchise players?

    In regards to the FA auction, I think it is a bit confusing because Rich didn't indicate any time frames for the bidding. This is set by the commissioner, so is somewhat discretionary, but let me go through how the process will work this off season in the CKL, with time frames added. (BTW, I think Rich left out one step of the process as well, but perhaps that is how he intends to run the FA auction, eliminating one of the steps we use in the CKL.)

    Our bidding begins at 9PM on Friday Feb. 24th. During this time period, you can bid on any player, with a minimum starting bid of 250K, and minimum 250K to increase a prior bid on the same player.

    At 8 PM Monday Feb. 24, after this initial period of bidding, the bidding will stop for a short time, usually an hour, say from 8PM to 9PM Monday. The commissioner and/or assistant (I do it in the CKL) will post a list of any player that has received an offer, along with the current bid on each player. This gets posted, and bidding then begins again. PLEASE NOTE that at this point in the CKL process, the bidding increment is still 250K. This will continue for 23 hours, or until 8PM on Tuesday Feb. 25th. At 8 PM on the 25th, the bidding stops for this first signing round. ANY PLAYER WHO HAS RECEIVED NO ADDITIONAL BIDS FROM MONDAY 9PM TO TUESDAY AT 8PM IS SIGNED BY THE LAST TEAM TO POST A BID FOR THAT PLAYER. Any player who received an additional bid since 9PM Monday OR any player receiving their first bid during this round, go on to the next pool.

    These would be all of the players not signed after the first signing phase. This phase begins at 9PM Tuesday Feb., and runs until 8PM Wednesday. The bid increment increases to 500K minimum. At 8PM Wednesday, the bidding again stops. Just as in Signing Phase one, any player that has not received an additional bid since 9PM Tuesday is signed by the last bidding team. Also again, any players receiving additional bids or any newly bid players during the round go on to the next phase.

    This phase starts at 9PM Wednesday and runs to 8PM Thursday. Minimum bid increase goes up to 1M. At 8PM Thursday, same as before: any player with no new bids goes to the bidding team; any players receiving additional bids or newly bid players this round go to the live bidding round.
    So these are all blind bids? And we have to make bids on every player simultaneously? So I might end up winning 3 shortstops accidentally?

    Kind of self explanatory. The bidding is now live (or as live as it can be on BBF). Minimum bid is 1M; any player not receiving a new bid for 10 minutes goes to the last bidding team.
    This might be a problem, since I'm in a drastically different time zone than most of you.
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