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Thread: 1979-80 Offseason Thread

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    1979-80 Offseason Thread

    --Welcome to the 20th season of CKL baseball! This is the timeline for offseason activities leading up to the 1980 season;

    Trades may be made effective immediately

    Friday, February 10 (9PM EST): non-tender and HTD bids deadline. Please get your preliminary roster and salaries posted by this date also.
    Monday, February 13 (9PM EST): deadline for topping HTD Bids
    Monday, February 13 (9:01 PM EST): Rookie draft begins
    Friday, February 24 (9 PM EST): Rookie draft ends
    Friday, February 24 (9:01 PM EST): free agent bidding begins
    Monday, February 27 (8PM EST): first bid list posted
    Monday, February 27 (9PM EST): 250K bid phase begins
    Tuesday, February 28 (8PM EST): first phase signings announced
    Tuesday, February 28 (9PM EST): 500K bid phase begins
    Wednesday, February 29 (8 PM EST): second phase signings announced
    Wednesday, February 29 (9PM EST): 1M bid phase begins
    Friday, March 02 (8PM EST): fourth phase signings anounced
    Friday, March 02 (9PM EST): live bidding on any free agents still active
    Friday, March 02 (10PM EST): free signing period for any team under 40
    Saturday, March 03 (9PM EST): cut down deadline to 40 for any team over
    Monday, March 05 (midnight EST): all teams must be at 40 or take cap penalty for vacant roster spaces
    Thursday, March 08 (midnight EST): deadline for submitting Opening Day profile
    Saturday, March 10: Opening Day
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