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Thread: CKL Player of the 70s

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    CKL Player of the 70s

    --Vote for your top 10. Pitchers not eligible. Votes will be counted MVP style; 12, 9,8,7,etc. Poll will last til a week from today.
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    1) Joe Morgan, 2B: 3 time MVP, outstanding most the decade and starter throughout. Key player on great teams for the Legends and Knights.
    2) Johnny Bench, C: 2 time MVP and easily the best catcher in CKL history. 12 years and counting as leader of the Gold Sox.
    3) Reggie Jackson, RF: never won the MVP, but finished 2nd twice and 4th another time. Led the decade in Runs Created while playing generally good defense, including an All Star season in CF.
    4) Willie Stargell, DH: 2 time MVP and consistently amoung the top hitter in the league.
    5) Fred Lynn, CF: only played half the decade but put up rates to match anyone, while playing a VG CF. Fueled the Corsairs rise to relevence.
    6) Rod Carew, 2B/1B: mainstay of some great Skipjacks ballclubs
    7) Ted Simmons, C: steady performer and workhorse behind the dish all decade
    8) Ken Singleton, OF/DH: one of the league's top hitter most of the decade
    9) Reggie Smith, RF/CF: missed too much time to be higher
    10) Pete Rose, Of/3B: seldom amoung the very best, but solid year afer year

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    1. Johnny Bench - Not quite as impressive a resume as Morgan, but played a much tougher position. Also displayed great defense throughout the decade, whereas Morgan was a bit shaky three years or so. Probably a coin flip between the two, actually, but I go with Bench because of position importance.
    2. Joe Morgan - What Mark said, and he also became the CKL all time stolen base leader this decade.
    3. Reggie Jackson - Displayed power and (surprisingly) a decent glove for the entire decade.
    4. Fred Lynn - Has had an unconscious first five years in the league. I put him ahead of Stargell because he also had a Gold Glove in center field, as opposed to Stargell's DH position.
    5. Willie Stargell - Monster numbers most seasons during the decade. Almost broke the CKL single season homer record, and no one else has come even close to that total in any season that wasn't 1961.
    6. Ken Singleton - A real on base machine most of the decade and an MVP winner for the Knights.
    7. Reggie Smith - Agree with Mark about the missed playing time. Had he played more,he would likely jump ahead of Singleton, Stargell and maybe Lynn on this list.
    8. Toby Harrah - Several seasons as a key component to the Knights juggernaut. Solid bat from the shortstop slot, and although not a gold glover played the position well enough.
    9. Rod Carew - Key component of several winning teams. Another on base machine.
    10. Ted Simmons - Powerful bat and good defense put him just a step behind Bench.
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    1) Morgan
    2) Bench
    3) Stargell
    4) Jackson
    5) Singleton
    6) Lynn
    7) Carew
    8) Simmons
    9) Rose
    10) Harrah
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    1. Bench
    2. Morgan
    3. Jackson
    4. Singleton
    5. Simmons
    6. Stargell
    7. Harrah
    8. Carew
    9. Lynn
    10. Cey
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    1. Morgan
    2. Bench
    3. Jackson
    4. Stargell
    5. Singleton
    6. Smith
    7. Simmons
    8. Lynn
    9. Carew
    10. Harrah

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    Jackson was American League MVP in 1973 , a unanimous winner.


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