I don't like that format but I think it is quite good for the rays. I will always be hard with the sox and yanks so two teams getting a card (but having to play a one game playoff) might be good for the rays.

of course that extra game is tough and you lose your ace for game 1 but it's not like the rays 4 and 5 starters are bad. of course it is still a crapshoot but better than not making it at all.

I know the rays made it anyway 3 out of 4 times since 08 but the red sox have been very bad two times (10 and 11) and the yanks were very bad in 08. of course the rays still played great but if the sox and yanks all play in top shape they still will be hard to beat.

so in the long run this could help the rays.

what do you think?