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Thread: 2012 Cardinals Season Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by filihok View Post
    The Cards were well below average in games missed to the DL in the last 3 seasons
    Surprising numbers - I'd like to see how injuries for key or top players shape up. A lot of of injuries to big names.
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    I was thinking the same thing when I looked at that graph. Losing Waino all 2011, then Carp almost all this year are two major subtractions from a rotation. Not too mention the loss of Berkman almost all year, Furcal down the stretch, Craig to 2 DL stints, and in 2011 when Holliday had his appendectomy and the frequent stints on the DL that Freese had in those first couple years...

    Those are some big producers missing from the field. I still think it is amazing that our team has done as well as it has through all that! Cardinals fans could certainly appreciate Phillies' fans pain having to go without Howard and Utley for as long as they did.
    "Into right, well hit. Back at the wall, it's off the wall. One run scores, here comes Berkman. Freese has tied it, 7-7. Unbelievable."

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    "Freese hits it in the air to center -- We will see you, tomorrow night!"
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