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Thread: Phillies Sign Mike Fontenot

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    Phillies Sign Mike Fontenot

    The Phillies have signed Mike Fontenot to a minor league contract. My guess is that if Fontenot plays well at AAA Lehigh Valley, it will only be a short stay there. He could be brought to the majors before the end of April and he would replace utilityman Pete Orr on the roster. The Phillies have not used Orr in any of their first seven games. Fontenot would be a backup at three positions 3B, SS & 2B.

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    I'd be extremely happy to see Fontenot on the roster. I like Orr but Fontenot seems better and is more versatile as a defender and just as good of a hitter.

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    He's a better hitter too. He played enough one season to almost be considered a regular with over 400 plate appearences and another season he hit over .300, two things Pete Orr has never done. By the way, Orr did not play again today so he hasn't appeared in any of the Phillies first eight games and he is not injured. If manager Charlie Manuel had any confidence in him then surely by this time he would have found a situation where he would have used Orr in a game.
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    Orr is batting .364 with 3 RBI's and 1 error at second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluesky5 View Post
    Orr is batting .364 with 3 RBI's and 1 error at second.
    Yes, when Orr finally got a chance to play, about nine games into the season, he's hit very well. That should keep Fontenot at AAA a little longer. Fontenot went to the Phillies minor league headquarters in Clearwater, FL and worked out with the Florida State League team for awhile. He finally was assigned to AAA Lehigh Valley and played his first game there either last Sunday, April 22 or the following day.
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