We're holding a second chance election for A "Hall of Fame" consisting only of Negro Leaguers and based solely on their performance in their leagues here: http://www.baseball-fever.com/showth...-second-chance One key feature of the second chance elections is that it's a fixed list of players to consider, and except for guys who have retired but were active since 2010, they can only get in if someone states a case for them. The cases are available in the voting thread for voters to consider before casting their ballots.

Anyway, dgarza posted a case for Newt Allen for the Negro Leagues, citing among other things that Allen managed the KC Monarchs to five championships. I have found some online sites which make that claim. OTOH, I've found other sites and some of my text resources which say that Allen only managed KC in 1941 (which was to a championship). I tend to think the latter is correct and the online stuff relies on a misreading of a resource, mainly because Lester and Clark's Negro Leagues Book lists all players and all managers for many years of the Negro Leagues, including the critical 1935-1940 stretch in question, and it only lists Allen for 1941. My first edition Biographical Encyclopedia of the Negro Leagues edited by James Riley supports the Lester/Clark position.

I know there's a book on the KC Monarch franchise which may provide a more definitive answer for which is correct, but I don't have it. Can anybody resolve it, and cite the source for their conclusion?