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Thread: Brandon Inge

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    Brandon Inge

    I saw him play alot vs my Whitesox and I saw he was let go today but even though it seemed like he got a key hit vs the Sox all the time I still always liked him, I gotta admit I feel sad he's gone.

    I know Tiger fans will miss him. Good luck to Inge and hopefully he gets picked up and gets a ring with somebody.

    Inge and the Tigers showed alot of class on this.
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    I agree, this guy used to kill the White Sox, with his bat and his glove. I always had a grudging respect for him, and I wish him well.
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    Inge had his moments with the team, and he was very active in giving back to the Detroit community. Sadly, there wasn't a place for him on the roster anymore, as his hot and cold at has stayed cold and his glove is not what it once was. It was time.

    Thank you, Brandon. Good luck.
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    he hit a whole season below the mendoza line and this season was even worse. yes he is a good fielder but hitting below .220 (especially if you have little power and cannot compensate with walks) is just not acceptable for a Major leaguer starter.

    and for being miggys backup he is not versatile enough you want a player who can play multiple positions at the backup IF role. there is just no room for him on this team.
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    I've ripped Brandon Inge many times for his Rob Deer-like approach to hitting, but it's kind of sad to see such a long-tenured Tiger pack up.


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