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Thread: did Kemp just have the best month in Dodger history?

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    did Kemp just have the best month in Dodger history?

    yay or nay?

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    I'm far too lazy to research it. You tell us.

    I know that his 12 homers was not a Dodger record for a month. But his other offensive stats might be.

    For example, in June '85 Pedro hit 15 HRs, but batted only .344/.436/.860/1.297--all lower than Kemp's .417/.490/.893/1.383
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    I was listening to the Spanish feed and Jaime said he did not pass Ron Cey on RBI's for the month. He had his chance when he came up with bases loaded and no outs. You would have thought Dodgers would have scored with Kemp and Ethier coming up in that inning. The old fox Tracy outsmarted Mattingly. But Matt Kemp should get the player of the month.

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    It may have been the best month offensively, but Duke Snider had several which challenge it. Kemp was 417/490/893/1383, with 4 doubles, no triples, and 12 homers in 23 games- 16 EBH. In June of 1954 Snider was 391/481/809/1290, with 9 doubles 5 triples, and 9 homers- 23 EBH. He had 89 TB to Kemp's 75, though in 5 more games.

    In August of 1953 Snider hit 15 homers, had 41 RBI, and 96 TB, but ONLY hit 346/407/756/1163. In September he followed up with 444/511/753/1264, though with ONLY 7 homers. Snider's August/September 1953 run may be the best 2 month offensive stretch by any Dodger, though I haven't researched it.


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