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Thread: The Brooklyn Superbas of Washington Park (1898-1912)

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    Nap Rucker, 1962

    1962 Nap Rucker.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by VIBaseball View Post
    Thanks for this, RUKen. I can see your interest in this period from your contributions to the Browns forum.

    Neat photos, I don't think I'd seen them before.

    There's been a fair bit written about this ballpark, though I wish the SABR BioProject had a full writeup (some of the interesting "bios" there are of ballparks).

    As many people may know already, part of the wall is still standing on Fourth Avenue, which is a very busy thoroughfare these days.
    Thanks, VIBaseball. Yes, I've developed a strong interest in the Deadball Era, and the old wooden ballparks that predated the steel-and-concrete stadiums. I am hopeful that others who read this thread may add some photos of the Brooklyn team from this period--ESPECIALLY the 1899-1900 NL champions.
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    One more Washington Park photo...

    Washington Park 7.jpg

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    Billy Maloney, 1951

    (Excerpted from a photo originally posted by Dto7 in his Baseball's Past in Black & white thread.)

    1951 Billy Maloney lower right.jpg

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    Elmer Stricklett, 1957

    1957 Elmer Stricklett.jpg

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    I've just noticed that the composite team photo in #14 is actually the 1899 Superbas, the champions for 1900. The picture includes Doc McJames, Jim Hughes, and John Anderson, who all played for the team in 1899 but not in 1900, and excludes Jimmy Sheckard and Lave Cross, who did not play for the Superbas in 1899 but were with them in 1900. I've corrected that post and replaced the picture that I had originally attached with a better copy of the same. The composite in post #15 is the 1900 Superbas team.
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    Good work!!
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    Brooklyn's New All-Star Base Ball Team of 1899

    Brooklyn 1899 preseason.jpg

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    This undated studio portrait by Brooklyn photographer T.W. Taylor of outfielder Jimmy Sheckard was probably taken during his time with the Superbas, 1897-98 or 1900-05:

    Jimmy Sheckard.jpg
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    1908 Outfielder Harry Lumley

    1908 Harry Lumley.jpg

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    1912 Pitcher Nap Rucker

    1912 Nap Rucker PG.jpg

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    1912 Outfielder Zack Wheat

    1912 Zack Wheat PG.jpg

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    1899 Spalding Guide composite

    Spalding 1899.jpg
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    1900 Spalding Guide composite

    Spalding 1900.jpg
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    1901 Spalding Guide composite and pitcher Gene McCann

    Spalding 1901.jpg1901 Gene McCann.png
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    1903 Spalding Guide composite

    Spalding 1903.jpg
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    1904 Spalding Guide composite

    Spalding 1904.jpg
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    1905 Spalding Guide composite

    Spalding 1905.jpg
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    1902 Brooklyn Superbas Catcher Charley Fuller

    1902 Charley Fuller_Page_4.jpg
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    The Brooklyn Baseball Team for 1899 (article with illustration from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

    1899 Brooklyn Eagle team composite.jpg

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