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Thread: The Brooklyn Superbas of Washington Park (1898-1912)

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    A Group of Brooklyn Players from the 1906 Spalding Guide

    Spalding 1906a.jpg
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    Brooklyn Base Ball Team for 1898 composite picture in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle

    1898 Brooklyn Eagle team composite.png

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    1906 Spalding Guide composite

    Spalding 1906.jpg
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    1910 Spalding Guide composite

    Spalding 1910c.jpgSpalding 1910d.jpg
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    1901 Brooklyn Pitchers (left to right) Wild Bill Donovan, Doc McJames, and Roaring Bill Kennedy

    1901 Donovan.png1901 Doc McJames.png1901 Kennedy 2.png

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    Opening Day, 1906, at Washington Park: Brooklyn vs. Boston

    Washington Park 1906.jpg
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    not much info on these...
    Attached Images Attached Images
    the turd in the punchbowl
    reality really sucks.
    enjoy the game more...

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    1906 Superbas Pitcher Jim Pastorius

    1906 Jim Pastorius.jpg

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    1900 C Deacon McGuire and the team mascot

    1900 Deacon McGuire.png
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    1900 P Joe McGinnity

    1900 McGinnity plain uniform.png1900 McGinnity and Silver Cup.png

    In the right photo, McGinnity is shown with the Chronicle-Telegraph Cup that was awarded to the Superbas after their post-season, three-games-to-one victory over the second-place Pirates in a series sponsored by the Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph newspaper and played entirely in Pittsburg. McGinnity pitched two of the three Brooklyn victories and allowed just three unearned runs.

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    1900 LF Jimmy Sheckard (left and center) and 2B Tom Daly (right)

    1900 Jimmy Sheckard.png1900 Keeler.jpg1900 Tom Daly.png

    The center picture was published twice in the Brooklyn Eagle with the player identified as Willie Keeler; however, Keeler was left-handed, and I am fairly certain that this is Sheckard.
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    1901 C Duke Farrell (left) and LF Lefty Davis (right)

    1901 Charlie Farrell.png1901 Lefty Davis.png

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    1908 team photo from the Spalding Guide

    1908 NL Brooklyn.jpg
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    1904 Brooklyn Superbas team photo

    1903 NL Brooklyn 2.jpg

    An original print of this was sold at auction a few years ago, labeled as the 1902 Brooklyn Superbas. The auction description included a discussion of the difficulty of determining which player is Willie Keeler, and concluded that he was fourth from the right in the back row, even though "the face looks a little wide for Keeler". The correct conclusion is that Keeler isn't in the picture, and the reason is that he had left the team to join the New York Highlanders of the American League. The player in the middle of the back row is one of the most recognizable players of that era, Dirty Jack Doyle, who joined Brooklyn for the 1903 season and remained with them until April 30, 1904. (See post #175 for player IDs from a 1904 newspaper.)
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    1903 Superbas Catcher Fred Jacklitsch

    1903 NL Bro Jacklitsch.jpg

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    1911 Spalding Guide composites

    Spalding 1911b.jpgSpalding 1911a.jpg
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    1902 Reserve Infielder Ed Wheeler

    1902 Ed Wheeler.jpg

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    Raising the Championship Pennant in 1900

    1900 magazine illustration.jpg

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    1906 St. Louis Republic photo of 1B Tim Jordan leaping for a wild throw

    1906 Jordan action.jpg

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    Brooklyn Superbas at their training camp, March 12, 1911

    1911 NL Brooklyn spring.jpg

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